LionEyes Display Wall

display wall

High Resolution Tiled Display Wall & Linux Cluster


The LionEyes Display Wall is a rear-projected high-resolution display powerwall and graphics cluster with a configuration of 4x3 tiles of 1024x768 resolution projectors, for a total of almost ten million pixels. Each tile is driven by a dual-processor render node. Twelve render nodes are controlled by two application nodes for a total of 28 processors.

The high-resolution and large display size allow for the researcher to see the entire scope and context of a problem but still see minute detail. Scaling is key to recognition of patterns within data. Instead of looking through a pin-hole on a desktop computer, the display wall offers a complete mural of information. Another mode that is useful is viewing many time-steps or slices side-by-side. Large spread-sheets, matrices and simple text such as genome code can also be analyzed with increased clarity and insight.

Systems Specifications

screen Screen


computer rack

projector rack Projector Mounts

Video Cabling

Cluster Nodes


Operating System


User accounts on the LionEyes Display Wall may be obtained by contacting the Visualization Group at

To operate the display wall, you must log into the application/head node, which is located to the right side of the mural display.

Home directories in /home and global directories in /usr/global are mounted via NFS across the entire cluster. Other applications can be found in /usr/local on the application node.

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George Otto, Jack Gundrum, Gavin Burris, Ray Masters, Elena Slobounov, Matt Stone and Vijay Agarwala

Contact Information & Help

The LionEyes Display Wall is located in Room 139 Computer Building.

Please send any and all comments and questions to .